Taking the Next Steps
Taking the Next Steps

Core program

Core program

Budgeting - Until you understood how you’re spending money, it is difficult to address your financial challenges.  Some changes to spending will be easy, and others will not.

Banking – Could you save time and money with the right banking relationship?

Credit score - Managing your credit score is critical in the modern economy – this number is used for a lot more than just borrowing.  And, monitoring your credit can reduce the chance of ID theft.

Debt management - Some debt repayment plans are better than others.  We’ll help you determine if you can negotiate your debt and how to best repay what you owe. 

Emergency savings - Having a small emergency savings gives you financial flexibility in ways that many have never known. 

For those in the core program, these topics will be addressed at each of our meetings.  We continue to review them for the duration of a client’s time in the program to ensure they are fully understood.  There are also aspects of consulting that do not involve numbers and analysis… there is the personal side.  This includes teaching and explaining, coaching and counseling.  But, wait... there's more.

Once the foundations are covered, we can continue to explore money issues where solutions will most benefit you and your family.   Clients may even be placed in small peer groups to navigate some parts of the process together in community.  Some examples of the next steps for discussion may include:

Identity protection (or how to bounce back from ID theft)

Making strategic purchasing decisions

Insurance needs

Teaching kids about money (let’s break the cycle)

Paying for education

Saving for retirement

Wills and estate planning

Money and life balance ~ control of finances, not obsession over them