Taking the Next Steps
Taking the Next Steps
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Financial education and coaching, done on an individual basis.  Taking the Next Steps goes beyond traditional financial literacy courses and seeks life transformation by equipping people to make financial decisions.

A recent study by the Federal Reserve Bank indicated that 44% of Americans do not have access to $400 without selling something or borrowing from a friend or family member. 

This is not a new statistic… we have all heard these numbers before.  There are so many with jobs living paycheck-to-paycheck who are merely one financial challenge away from having a serious issue.

Taking the Next Steps offers a different solution – we are not simply an educational program with a pre-designed curriculum.  We offer guidance through the financial challenges you face with the goal of providing long-term financial peace.  And, the program is no-cost for its participants!

All sessions are with an individual counselor, and progress through the program is based on your pace.  Here are some of our programs, and this is some of what we cover...


Beyond Financial Literacy

Towards Life Transformation