Taking the Next Steps
Taking the Next Steps

How can you help?

Can you help us reach our mission of providing financial education for an under-served market?  Please consider donating to Taking the Next Steps today!

Many people in our country are really working hard to change their situation, but they’re met with challenges at every turn.  Let’s share our resources to meet these challenges.  It’s time for all of us to Take the Next Steps.

The problem

Many Americans are not equipped to make financial decisions, simple or complicated, and these decisions often have far-reaching consequences. 

Our solution

The goal of Taking the Next Steps is to provide families with life-long financial security and financial peace by helping them make better financial and strategic decisions.  We do this by working with our client families over an extended time period, starting with the building blocks of financial education and working towards more complicated issues over time.

What we are not

A seminar, a book and a checklist simply won’t do… if that were going to work, the statistics we have previously referenced would be getting better, not worse.


We need your assistance to make this organization work!