Taking the Next Steps
Taking the Next Steps

Wait... what?

What is the cost of the program?

It is free to participants, but it will require a commitment of time.

If it’s free, how do you get your funding?

We are funded solely through donations.

Why does the program last so long?

We are aiming for life transformation, and we are doing so by building on a solid foundation.  All of this takes time.


How is this different from Crown or Dave Ramsey?

Our sessions are individual client meetings; they are not classes with others.  It is not primarily self-taught, and it is long-term.   As well, there are also some philosophical differences with these approaches.

These programs can and do work well for some.  But, we feel there are many who can benefit from our approach as well.


Is this a Christian ministry?

Yes, in the sense that our faith is the primary motivation to provide these services.  But, the program is open to people of all faiths (or none), and we will not proselytize for our faith.